Sunday, April 24, 2011

Times are a changing a wee bit around here....

and it's good too.

Girls are back, safe and sound and reading madly.  Their grandparents give them money for books for their birthdays and Christmas, and they buy tons of books in the UK and bring them back with them...but they cannot read them till they get back!  HEHEHE

Happy girls!

Gotten noisier around here, and the man only had two naps today, so things are shaping up!  He's even walking the dog this evening, and managed to come to the airport to get them.  I wouldn't have wanted him to, but they were flying in without without a parent and if someone were to make a fuss, better if he were there.

I have also moved out of Youngest's bedroom and am back in my own with the man...I left pestilent boy on his own, partially for my own good, but also so he could thrash around and suffer in the night without fussing he was waking me, and also I wouldn't worry I was waking him.  Nice to be back!

Trying to keep going to bed at a REASONABLE time...I've been managing before 12 most nights....that should go right down the toilet when I go back to work, but for now....

Here's a riddle:

What goes 99, clunck?

A centipede with a false leg!



Jan said...

What a good idea for them to bring loads of books back, otherwise they're so hard to find! I'm glad the man is definitely on the mend.

oreneta said...

Amazon is our friend! Though I know a few places in BCN where books can be found!