Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you really want to win this?

The man, man of my dreams, went into BCN and got the new Murakami for me.  Not sure I'll be blogging till I finish it!

On the cover was a contest, the prize, a trip for two to Tokyo!  Sadly the entry had to be submitted by the third of April.  I'm too late.

Then again, it is one of those things that you're not certain you want to win, no?


thecatalanway said...

Is that the author you were speaking about? I forgot to write down the name.
Oh for a great book to immerse myself in today. I struggle on with The Cathedral by the Sea and I must admit it has suddenly hotted up, but there is still a l o n g way to go. K x

Anonymous said...

How is the house coming along?

I will have to look into this author. I have been downloading ebooks, some free, and I must say that I now need to read some books with actual substance.

oreneta said...

Kate, yep, that's the book, all 770 pages of it! If I could just find some TIME!

Carla, mostly done, we're squabbling over the little stuff at this point, such a drag. If your up for it, my favourite Murakami so far was Kafka on the Beach, or something along those lines, I read it in Catalan. Have you read Toni Morrison? I loved Song of Solomon....what about Marilyn Robinson? Housekeeping? GIlead? Home? Maybe in that order....and I love Kingsolver....La Vacuna is a big one, and then there is The Bean Trees, which was fabulous and the follow up, I think something like Pigs in Heaven?

Oh, I could so go ON!

Mother Theresa said...

Catgirl would absolutely love to win a trip to Tokyo, but me, I'm not so sure...especially in light of recent events. Maybe when everything's settled down again...

oreneta said...

That's the thing, I'd love to too, but maybe not just now.