Friday, April 15, 2011

Saps què?

Know what?

I am now on TWO WEEKS of vacation!


The kids have arrived safe and sound in the UK for a week with their grandparents....they had some challenges at Immigration in the UK, who phoned their grandmother to be sure someone was there to meet them, and they lost their bag for a while, but seem to have recovered it.

Good on them, they should have a BLAST.  Now to get them back into Spain!!!

In the mean time, I am making t.r.a.c.k.s with the Catalan homework, I have a PACK of paintings lined up, and mass of Spanish homework, walking with the man in the mountains, the beach is calling my name, and there are some new exhibits in BCN we haven't seen yet PLUS  a whole lot of napping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  in the books!  And then there is the reading....I'm past page 100 in the new Murakami and LOVING it.

OH, life is Good good goooooood

SUPER sweet.


Anonymous said...

glad they're arrived safe :). Enjoy the reading and the peace at home ;)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Sounds blissfully pleasurable. Enjoy!

oreneta said...

ElP, me too!!!! I am planning on a lovely time, possibly quieter than I thought as the man seems to be down sick. Bla

Hula, got it in one!