Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Note to lexicographers

The man's still sick, so I am working away in Catalan here....

I now have a note for any lexicographers who might be listening:

Can I just say that it is really stupid to define a word using the same word? THIS DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION?


Knock knock?


This is the entry:

tarat -ada adj 
tarado -da. Fruita tarada, fruta tarada.

Doesn't make it clearer boys.

Sweet mother of all that is good, does this not seem obvious?


Jan said...

Are you talking about in a catalan dictionary? If so, I agree and am not in the least surprised. We have a couple of catalan dictionaries and they are both intended for catalan users... Enough said.

thecatalanway said...

So right and how weird!
Tarat tarada - something (or someone!!) with a defect. So a bad fruit?

did you really do 6 hours of study in one day? Well done. I would be happy if I could do half that. But I am reading - does that count? (my inner voice says, No Kate you really need to study a bit and do your homework and learn the grammar)
ho hum K x

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh, but you do crack me up! Reading your own blog posts, but especially when you told me on my own blog, "This is not a democracy" (when it comes to raising kids). Oh, how I laughed out loud and long and hard. So, so apropos! Thank you, thank you, thank you. For giving me an easy answer when it seems like there isn't one to be had. I'm going to use it!

And just to drive you nuts...knock! knock!

oreneta said...

Jan, yes, I am specifically, though I have found the same thing in English dictionaries, just not so often. Laziness....

Kate, I did 8 in the end, and read Catalan in between....I've been logging about 4 a day and some days more during this week. I knew I had to. I find it hard to keep up with my work sched, and with the man sick and the kids away, I am cramming.....half way through 1Q84!

Bodhi, glad you liked the answer! I am very honest with them, and the reality is that I am in charge - alongside their father, cause the reality is we have a greater perspetive, and that also means that we cannot explain everything, sometimes they simply have to do what they are told. This becomes more obvious when there are two + kids as you simply have less time to explain. Single parents I think have similar requirements.