Monday, April 18, 2011

Somedays, it's worth the effort

VAL la pena de vegades!

Sometimes, 6 hours of studying Catalan is worth it.  The best part, or at least the most entertaining has been looking at idioms, locutions and eufemismes - n.iii.ce...spelled that in Catalan, that would be euphemisms.  Ways of saying things that are a little different.

Here's some of the fruits of my work:

To be useless, or to do something useless:  picar ferro fred - hammer cold iron.  Good imagery there.

To have diarrea - perdre la clau del cul - loose the key to your *ss.  JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEEEEE

A person who is really irritiating:  un torracollons - a tower of, well you might be more familiar with cojones, but a tower of balls....hehehhehehe

A super wimp, a cockhold - un pet aviciat - a weak fart!  OMG I am dying over here!

Someone who has no opinion, wishy-washy - un pixafreda - a cold pisser!  Not enough heat inside to warm their piss.  I LIKE that image.

A polleguerra is part of a set phrase, it literally means a chicken war - more or less I think - it means crazy, fitting, no?

Oh, and you have to go here and check this out...

I handed in my next assignment for the Catalan course, cross all your fingers and light all your candles (hey!  It's a Catholic country!).  EEK!


thecatalanway said...

Hi I think your course book is much more interesting than mine!
Love the video too
Good luck with the assignment. I am speeding along with Cathedral by the Sea now. It's suddenly got exciting - or perhaps my Catalan has improved. See you! K x

kate said...

Love it! I hadn't heard any of those before.

oreneta said...

Kate, the course book...well it's on line, it has it's moments! I do have to say that I have made a mistake - no surprises there - with the translations: seems it's not a tower of balls, rather that it is that the person is 'toasting' your balls. NASTY!

Kate, glad you're liking them!