Thursday, April 7, 2011


Youngest made me think a little about danger.

When I got home for lunch, she solemnly (THERE's a word that deserves it's very own spelling bee - goodness)

Anyway, she solemnly (that would make my English students just keel right over and die - actually they have this great gesture where they pretend to stab themselves on the stomach with a sword...I know, not too new, but then they drag the imaginary knife in a sort of catholic blessing cross fashion, so you stab it into your solar plexus, slice down hard, come up towards the left - your heart pretty much, than then slice horizontally across to the right.  Just like if you were to cross yourself, samuri style.  It is quite graphic)

Anyway, she solemnly - (you just KNOW this word is going to show up in a class I teach tomorrow, just to see if I can get any of them to use this gesture!)

Anyway, she solemnly very seriously informed me that the sharp kitchen scissors are beside the sink as she didn't want to put them into the soapy water as someone might hurt themselves.  I thought that was delightful.

Then she told me that she had used them to take the toast out of the toaster.  Can I just say what you know I am going to say?  She didn't unplug it, OK?  I kissed her after she told me this.  She didn't smell singed at all.  I was glad.

We had a wee conversation about elecTRICity and what it can do to smallish much-loved people if they stick a pair of metal scissors into a 220V toaster without unplugging it.

She solemnly agreed not to do it again.

We are all glad.  Not solemn.  Glad.


J.G. said...

Oh my goodness! This makes me want to faint, as a parent. Thank God she is okay and well warned now!

PicklePits said...

But was the toast good? A little danger always makes things taste better, no?

Glad she survived the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful sweetheart!! Can you clone her?

Anonymous said...

you make me wonder what kind of toaster (and scissors) you have. My toaster is well protected for that matter, and the only thing you can get from trying to get the toasts is just to burn yourself because it's hot. There's a small protection grid between the toasts and the heating resistance, which serves a double purpose: 1) avoid your fork touching it if you use a fork to retrieve the toast
2) avoid toast crumbs from falling on the resistance and burning/catching fire.
Regardless, buy a pair of wooden tongs for harmless toast retrieval, plugged in or not ;)

Boo and Trev said...

The spirit of Nick Carter rides again! Glad she survived it all!

kate said...

Wow, sure glad that one passed you by! Our toaster is of the potentially electrocutionary variety as well--hmmm...

Anyway, yikes!

oreneta said...

jg, it was one of those moments, glad I didn't see her doing it!

Pickle, I think it was, actually!

ElP, That is interesting, and of course intelligent that this issue would have been addressed, I had a peer down inside my toaster after your comment, looks like maybe I have one too, but it is metal too...just unplug it!

Boo and Trev YEE HAWWWW! Glad to hear it's genetic!

Kate, amazing the danger we can find in the most mundane items, no?

Helen said...

I tried toasting crackers when I was younger and they burst into flames. I threw water over the toaster - worse than scissors!

oreneta said...

THAT, Helen, is truly impressive! Must have been quite something to watch.