Saturday, November 3, 2012

a fantastic weekend...un cap de setmana magnificent

Honestly, it is a four day weekend here.  Thursday, walking in the mountains, fantastic mountains.  Friday, to BCN with the Man and Youngest to have good snacks and a fantastic art exhibit.  Today, a castanyada at a friend's house and tomorrow?  I'm. going. sailing!!!!

Com saps, tenim un pont de quatre dies aquest cap de setmana.  Dijous, vaig anar a les muntanyes, fantàstiques.  Divendres vaig anar a BCN amb l'Home i la Petita per menjar bé i visitar una exhibició molt interessant.  Avui, hem anat a una castanyada a la casa d'uns amics i demà?  Me'n vaig a navegar amb vela!!!!

OMGoodnessGraciousMe!  Estic TAN contenta!

A Castanyada, as far as I could tell, involves a bunch of people getting together, eating lovely food, and ending it with chestnuts and sweet potatoes, alongside Muscatel, though I am not sure that is universal for everyone.

A lovely evening out.  Una visita molt agradable.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the week-end :). In Brussels it should have been a holiday on Thursday... Ended up working anyways... I'd gladly have traded my pizza for your chestnuts :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great to see you enjoying your life in Spain! GM

thecatalanway said...

all sounds great! What did happen at the castanada? I always wondered how you can make a party out of eating chestnuts? Today must have been perfect for sailing - hope it all went well Kx