Wednesday, November 28, 2012

no time, no tinc temps

I am constantly hearing people talking about not having enough time.  That they don't have time, no time even to breathe.

Know what?  It's getting on my nerves.

We all have exactly the same amount of time in a day.  Exactly the same amount.

What we have to do is make a conscious decision to choose how to spend it, then DO that, stop sweating the stuff we cannot do. Think, choose, do and enjoy the doing without winging about what we've chosen not to do.


Constantment sento veins, amics, companys queixant-se que no tenen temps, que no tenen temps ni per respirar.

Saps què?  M'estan posant nerviosa.

Tothom té exactament el mateix numero de minutes, segons o hores en un dia.  Exactament el mateix.

Què hem de fer és prendre un decisió sobre com volem gastar aquests preciós segons i minutes i hores, i ho FAREM, deixar de preocupar-nos amb el que no podem fer;  rumiem, escollim, ho fem i desfruitem el que estem fent sense queixant del que hem decidit  de no fer.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes, there is a gap between the choice we would like to make, and the choice we have to because we are responsible, grown up people... I have an "ideal" schedule where I could do all that I want, if my working day was only limited to 9AM to 6PM. But more often than not it does extend beyond that. Sure, I made the choice to agree to work beyond that time, conscious or not, because the job has to get done, or for a potential slew of other reasons or excuses... People who complain they don't have enough time, either don't know how to organize themselves, or how to put their foot down when their work-life balance is all but balanced...

Helen said...

I don't think it is always that simple because commitments to and because of other people do change your ability to plan your time efficiently. Other people having a crisis can play havoc with the best laid plans