Saturday, November 24, 2012


The Man, Youngest and I went off to see Skyfall today, in ENGLISH in BCN.

Well that was worth the hassle, what little hassle it was!  What a beautiful day!!!

We had thought to go to Arts Santa Monica on las Rambles, which I adore, but whose hours I abhore.  They open at 11am.  Pain. in . the. butt.

So, we didn't go, then we walked down to the port and wandered along that part of town, some of which I'd never seen before.  Took us a while to find the theatre, which was in a mall, in a building like any other building, and was frankly rather uninspiring.  The movie however, was. simply. brilliant fun.

Adored it.

Highly recommend it to anyone who'd like to consider a flick for a time out.  Fabulous in every way, and Daniel Craig?  He was pretty cool too.  Great Bond.  A little more battered.  Excellent.

Then a wander along the beach, checking things out, lovely down there and home we came.  Fabulous day.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to see it the last time I went to Belgium, but didn't find time for almost anything. Coming out of the office even after the last movie run is a bit sad... But eh, the company didn't pay the plane ticket so that I can spend my time at the movies, now, did it?

oreneta said...

Sadly, they probably aren't paying for you to go to the movies, but if you remember, you'll probably get a chance at some point. It is a good movie.