Monday, November 12, 2012

Used clothes, roba de segona mà

Here in BCN there is a used clothing store called Humana, and as you might imagine it sells used clothing and is part of a wider ranging charitable organization.  The thing is that is extra fantastic about it is just how cool most of the clothing is.  Probably two-thirds of my wardrobe has come from there and it is a joy to shop there, kinda like Easter egg hunting.  And I don't like shopping.  Eldest LOVES the place and Youngest is pretty keen too.  Even the man goes there.

In Toronto we have Goodwill.  Similar sort of layout, used clothes, charitable organization, but it requires a lot more searching to find anything worth buying.  BCN seems to be a more fundamentally stylish place, so the used stuff is also cooler.

As Eldest put it, in Humana, you feel like someone really cool ran out of room in their closet so had to get rid of some of it.  Goodwill, feels like someone died in the clothing.  Kinda sad.

Aquí BCN hi ha una botiga que es diu Humana.  Com pots imaginar, ven roba de segona mà i és un part d'un organització de caritat.  El que està fantàstic de Humana és que la roba que venen és molt guia i molt variada.  Deu ser dos tercers del roba que tinc ve d'allà i m'agrada anar a comprar allà, està com buscant ous a Pasqua, i no m'agrada anar a comprar.  La Gran li hi encanta i la Petita també.  Fins i tot l'Home li agrada anar-hi.

En Toronto tenim Goodwill, que se sembla Humana, roba de segona mà, un caritat, però has de passar molt més temps buscant roba que voldria comprar.  Em sembla que BCN és fonamentalment més de moda, llavors, el que venen està més interessant.

Com la Gran va dir, quan vagis a Humana, sembla que una persona amb un gust molt interessant no tingués espai en l'armari i per això han d'enviar unes quants peces cap a Humana.  A Goodwill - sembla més com algú hagués mort en la roba.  Una mica trista.


thecatalanway said...

you make me want to go there! To humana I mean. This is a comment for two posts! Energy saving comment:)
Yes that is strange - about being alone. It says a lot about our different cultures. Kx

oreneta said...

Humana, we should go some time, though I have to tell you that there are days when you go and there is NOTHING, all sequins or whatever weirdness, and others, when you could just about buy out the store.

Ni deu, it was explained to me that within the church here, we are 'in god's hands' so if you there isn't even god, you are way the heck out there.....the anglo one speaks more to an obsession with owning things to me......but maybe I'm feeling cynical.