Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two things, dos coses

One, I miss running, I am now SO BUSY, it is all I can do to get two runs in a week, and know what? It's bugging me.  Things must be rescheduled!

The other thing, I now forget.  D*MN I hate it when that happens.


*staring idly at the ceiling waiting for the thought to return*

still not getting there.

I am going to have to make running a priority and schedule it in like going to work.  Making it to the mountains is going to have to have this happen as well, as I am not making it there as often as I need to.

With the situation here in Spain what it is, and here in Catalunya as well, I found myself having a conversation with the man in which I stopped him from telling me some horrid bit of news from Girona by telling him that I work very hard to maintain my optimism, and you know what?  It's true.

Many many people here are doing it, there is not really any other way.

It is interesting the process of maintaining optimism.  For me, it involves exercises, trying very hard to get enough sleep (still a struggle d*mn it) and time spent outdoors.  Honestly outside.  Sunshine and longer views.  Makes all the difference in the world for me.


Boil it down?  Exercise, sleep, good food, a little chocolate from time to time, a good cuppa every day, family, friends and sunshine.  Oh, and I basically never read the news.  The Man is my filter and makes sure I know everything I need to.

Still haven't come up with that second item.  And I must sleep soon.

Then again, I have talked about a second thing, optimism, just not the one I was aiming at.

Then I got caught up looking at old I'll just push publish at this point and call it a night.



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