Saturday, July 14, 2007


I had a moment of brilliance and managed to triple book myself this evening, none the less, we had a good time. The girls convinced me to buy a pair of camouflaged corduroy cargo pants with jeweled buttons. I am a little shocked every time I look down, but they go well with the cowboy hat, although I think a little fire-engine red toenail polish may be in order at this point. I may post a pic at some point.

Got new dog food as well, lamb and rice flavoured, seems to meet with higher approval. Good for the mutt.

Late night, time for bed.



Beth said...

Do post a picture! The pants sound cool with those jeweled buttons.

Our dog can't handle the lamb and rice (if you get my drift) - chicken and rice only. But then, he's older than Chuck.

oreneta said...

Beth: I've put a sort of picture up, I may try again when I can get some help, or a far the lamb and rice is both popular and remaining firmly where it should be....gosh I hope it continues too.