Thursday, September 20, 2007

*whew* quite a day...or my brush with the criminal underworld.

Look what you can get yourself in Barcelona!!!

The sign actually made me laugh pretty hard, it is in fact a used clothing store, explaining what a pimp was to the girls was a little less funny though.

I had a bit of a mix up on Las Ramblas today with some rather unsavory characters today, an older woman, obviously a tourist was being bullied by a guy, I stepped in and his three friends materialised out of the crowd, which escalated things a bit. This is a typical system for picking pockets. They get one person busy and lift the other's wallet, the man was probably the target. I continued to be rather pushy, got called a name or two, not nice ones, but she left with her wallet and purse intact and the crowd that formed melted away. Don't know if the man still had his wallet, but the guys were pretty busy hassling me, so he probably did. The girls were a mite freaked out by it all.

If you ever come to Las Ramblas and you are stupid enough to mix it up with the hard looking men that run those three boxes/one ball 'coconut shisies' thing, don't expect anyone to help you out. They were at best gullible. Though I am honestly not sure what exactly was going on, she didn't speak English but those guys were deeply unfriendly and quite aggressive. Never seen anything quite like that before.

The day improved though because the girls and I were in Barcelona to meet up with my SISTER!!! YEAH!!!! She was there for one day only and could get part of it off from work, so we met up at 2:30 or so and had some paella, and ice cream and a lovely time hanging out...then we had to come back home because I had to work. Ah well.

It was very strange, but very fun. Spend an hour and a half together in this city, and then she was gone again.

Taught two classes, one was kind of fun, and one was a drag. I had to be such a witch. It so sucked.

Time for bed.

Tomorrow, walk the dog, study Catalan in anticipation of my placement test next week, NAP, and teach just a little bit.


Unknown said...

I do not like my pimps second hand. I only buy brand-new luxury pimps.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Dorky!

Gah! You are one brave woman.

oreneta said...

DD: Luxury pimps huh? Lord what kind of people are going to find this site now?

Trish: I'm with you *snort*

It was a little more than I anticipated when his friends joined in, but I just couldn't walk away from the woman ya know? People have helped me out. It'd be plain bad karma not to act.

Beth said...

I think you and I could tackle "the mean streets" together. I cannot walk just away when I see someone being bullied or taken advantage of.

Anonymous said...

Great going there and a fabulous role model that would have warmed my heart! Why didn't the Texas Rangers beat up the bad guys!?
Did my good deed for the day in helping an old woman climb into the tram here in Riga. The bloody steps are so high up off the street in places even I have to do a huge heave of self to get up into the thing! Next to impossible for a small, old woman, but boy, she sure had strong hands to pull herself up so I amolst did a nose dive out!!

oreneta said...

Beth: Yeah, I could see us doing that...why do people keep nailing you with sweet. I think we'd be cool at it.

Hi there Godmother in Riga....I'm glad she didn't haul you out of the tram....Sis of mine was thrilled that you will be joining us for Christmas...