Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Truth is.....

Am I the only one who thinks of a great blog post in the middle of the day, but when I get the chance to write I can only remember that I had a great idea, and not what the idea was?

Has the font on my blog always been this ugly and it is just on this new computer that I can see it. Doesn't blogger have any nice fonts?

My post lady suggested that we put a mailbox outside our house so she could more easily leave the mail for us. I didn't mention that if she came more than once every other week, like she is supposed to in her contract, maybe she would have less trouble getting the mail to fit into the door.

Wish I could think of that idea.


Have you ever read the kid's book, "Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire"? We are reading it now and it is extravagantly full of delightfully surrealist would be unspeakably brutal for an English language learner, but is delightful otherwise. I can highly recommend it, especially for boys...though girls would love it too. Some of the characters are stunningly gross.

One of the lines I am carrying away from it is the off-repeated mantra of one of the main characters.

I'll leave you with it...

Truth is a lemon merengue.




Anonymous said...

Under blogger, I think I was using Trebuchet. But fonts are not important. Content is. :)

Miss Kim said...

You get mail?????

You're SO lucky!

Beth said...

NO!!! You are NOT the only one! it happens to me all the time and it drives me completely NUTS!
I'm glad to know it's not just me. Thanks for bringing it up. i thought I was losing my mind...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, that's certainly something to ponder - 'truth is lemon meringue'

So many ways one could go with that . . .

Anonymous said...

Blogger and I have never been friends, so I can't tell you.
But yes, I know the "I have a great blog post idea thing"

Diane Mandy said...

HAHAHA! You are so funny!

Every other that typical in Spain?

oreneta said...

LP...thank you...and it is true...still, I am not happy about how the font looks on this computer..the other one it looked fine...but here?

When do you move? You must be up to your ears in boxes....

Kim...and here we have a little perspective...much needed. Thanks.

Beth, well if it is losing our marbles, at least we are doing it together....still love that hair cut.

Trish...I have been saying it to myself on and off all day.

Nicole..isn't it annoying!?!?!

Diane, no I don't think it is, though I am not IS unfortunately typical of my village. I would say that the Spanish postal system has no time for the dedication to duty business that we are used know, through rain or sleet or hail or snow??? NAh...professional pride does NOT play a large roll here...but I think our mail service here is particularly bad.