Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Read the label

Chuck LOVES his new food. With a passion.

Chuck's new food is not loving him.

It is emerging a little, um, rapidly from his system.

Then today I read the bag where they advise us to gradually introduce it mixed in with the old food.


Poor pup.


Beth said...

On the plus side, he'll never put two and two together and blame you - to Chuck you're that wonderful person who has been serving him that delicious new food.
Hope things firm up around there!

Beth said...

Isn't that just the way? Everything that tastes yummy ends up being bad for you...

I'm just glad Chuck's tummy didn't explode (scene from 'Alien' comes to mind here)!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Poor pup, and poor you. I might be able to top that story though, on the drive up to my cottage yesterday, my dog pooped in the back of the car, which led Riley to barfing from the smell - trapped in traffic, no where to pull over...and then the dog walking in it, lying in it, when we got to our final destination I said, give me the vodka, don't bother with a glass. There now, feel better?!

oreneta said...

Beth, a solid (hehehe) point! Things do seem to be holding together better now. Better for everyone.

Beth, that was your septic tank hon, thankfully, not my dog!

Bodhi...oh my god. Yup. Feeling JUST fine over here. No problems at all!