Monday, August 9, 2010

Run number 2

Went out again this evening, well ran outside for the first time this evening as I did the treadmill thing the first time -so I could return the shoes if they weren't comfy, after today's run, they're mine.

Went with Youngest and Chuck.  Youngest was very very game and keen but we had a pace problem.  If she tried to keep up with me she got horrible stitches and if I slowed to her pace my legs nearly died.

Hmm, not an ideal outing for either of us.

Chuck just seemed pretty darned reluctant.  Keen at first but his interest withered when he realised the opportunities to pee and sniff were limited.  Nothing like towing a dog when you run.

Except when he sees a cat, at which moment your stride suddenly lengthens miraculously! FLY be FREEEEEEEE!!!!!


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Good for you!! My pace quickens in the rain. Right now it's slow as molasses since the heat indexes have been above 100 degrees. Keep it up!!

oreneta said...

Thank goodness it isn't so hot here....going out again on Thursday I think.

Helen said...

Dogs go for WALKS!!!!

They only run when they want to.

oreneta said...

Chuck would soooo love you!