Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bad news, and good.

The Ikea bookcases will not fit down the stairs in the apt assembled.  D*mn!  Have to disassemble them and then reassemble them in the new house.


Throwing out lots of stuff, and that is definitely a very good thing!

Taking them apart, a bit of a drag till the man appeared and remembered how the system worked.  So glad to have him around!

All in all, a productive day, but man, I am tired and we barely scratched the surface, how intimidating!

Illiteracy would be lighter.


Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, I've always noticed that IKEA furniture didn't really like being moved. And I have IKEA furniture that moved from Canada to France, and then to Czech Republic.
So I'd advise always assembling the furniture right where you want it to be ;)

oreneta said...

You are soooooo right, but like you, we keep moving. What can you do. Why don't they have a competitor anyway?