Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Practicing for the theoretical test

There are MILLIONS of practice tests online.  I have found a site I like, it's here for those who wish to suffer too, and some of the questions are TERRIBLE.

Do school groups have the right of way when crossing roads?  The picture does not have the kids on a crosswalk.  This brings the question of who got there first?  The kids or the car?  Clearly, one cannot run them over, nor can one expect them to break up the group cause you arrive, but they don't have the right of way off a cross walk.


Insane questions:

While driving your car, you approach a traffic officer at an intersection and he/she is signalling with their fully extended left arm, moving alternately up and down.  What do you have to do if you are approaching the officer on the side corresponding to the arm that is making the signal and perpendicular to that arm?

WTF?  complaint 2


You are driving your car with your new class B license (normal car), you have had a class A license for several years (motorcycles).  What blood alcohol level is acceptable for driving your car?

Good grief questions, complaint number 3.

Things I don't need to know questions:

Your battery warning light comes on.  Does this mean that your battery terminals are dirty, that the connections are loose or that it is low on water?

It freaking means go to the shop and get them to look at it, now, no?

Good grief.

Pass is 3 errors or less out of 30.  Sometimes I make 8, often 6 sometimes I pass.

Luck of the draw.

GOOD news though is that I can do the exam in Catalan, though I am doing all the practice in Spanish, lord help me.

Bad news, I had to spend the ENTIRE morning to find that out, cause this is Spain, and they couldn't simply put it on the website.  I had to phone MADRID, for them to tell me they didn't know and I had to go in in person.



Helen said...

Good luck. You need it

kate said...

Yes, good luck! I think I missed one of those traffic officer waving arms questions on my test (but I passed by the skin of my teeth-- hopefully you will, too! I mean, by the skin of your own teeth, obviously. Except, who has skin on their teeth? Anyway...)

When is the test? And why on earh wouldn't they test in Catalan if you take the test in Catalunya? Or are you taking it somewhere else?

Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed!

thecatalanway said...

good luck! when do you do it? Of course they don't have useful information on the web site!!! I expect it took you a while to get through all the badly laid out verbiage to find that out too?
See you soon Kx

Anonymous said...

1) never run over a school group. Ever. I'd say it doesn't matter whether they were at a crosswalk or not. Just because they're doing it wrong doesn't mean you can run them over. (Although, sometimes it is tempting to play an eye for an eye...)
2) My, but I pump up the volume, and we start disco dancing, of course.
3) For Czech Republic, it's 0. No matter whether you're a new driver, old driver, just 0. Easy peasy. For France, it's "whatever level your cleavage will let you get away with, and mood the officer's in, regardless of the arm waiving. .5 for the opposite sex".
4) start a staring contest at light until it comes off.

oreneta said...

Thank you Helen!!!

I am taking it in Catalan, but all the online practice tests are in Spanish, at least all the ones I can find.....tomorrow is the day! it in ONE

ElP, come with me tomorrow, m'kay? It would be more fun, and I am with the Czechs, easier all around, don't drink and drive. Simple, easy to remember and safer too. Wonder if we can convince the Spanish before tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

yeah, but if I started making you laugh during the exam, you'd lose your focus, you'd mess it up, and would have to shell 89 € again before you can even say "a one armed unijambist crossed the street within 35 cm of a crosswalk, on a one way street and there's a police officer nearby blinking at you. DO YOU YIELD? If so, what tire pressure does your car need to have in order to be able to stop in less than 13m, considering the fact that you were at the authorized speed limit around said crosswalk?"

oreneta said...

HahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahah...but it would have been SO worth it!!!!