Thursday, June 9, 2011

Study study study

Makes a dull girl.

I did break it up by helping some folks move some stuff,  and that felt good for a change.  Catalan, Catalan Catalan, and a Spanish class....

I was the only woman who showed up to help move stuff, and held my own with the guys, no problem.  We were moving boards and planks and small metal beams.  One guy commented afterwards that I was strong, in tones of some surprise, which I do tend to take kind of as condescention, though I do have to say that I was also the only woman to show.....soooooo.....maybe I'm just the dumbest!

Honestly, a day of studying and running/moving doesn't leave much to post about.

The google home page today is fun though!  You can make music!  The man and I were in the same room and played a duet.  Of sorts.


thecatalanway said...

Some 'friends' once asked for help moving things from one house to another. they wanted the cars ....or so I thought. when I arrived there was me and another man. the two 'friends' both pleaded bad backs and me and the man moved their entire house from A to B!!! Sofas, fridges, you know the sort of thing. Up a steep hill and down a narrow lane at the other end. I don't know why I did it. It was too hard to say no on the day. But I always remember it as proof of how strong I am and what a helpful person....and what an idiot! You are so good with this studying - I just feel sleep coming on when I sit with the books. I yawn and yawn till tears fall down my face and I have to go and get myself another chocolate biscuit.
Well, I enjoyed that post! It got me thinking ! K xx

J.G. said...

Moving is so nice when it's over! It's good and productive exercise, too. Definitely a contrast with all the studying. I'm thinking good thoughts about you today (to cover the time difference for tomorrow).

oreneta said...

Kate, I have been napping. A lot. Boooring. Glad to know I'm not the only one who turns out for these things....though that couple seem just a wee bit cheeky, no?

JG, You should know about the moving! Done for the next little bit I take it, no? Thanks for the good thoughts! I'll need 'em.