Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I actually have both a signal and access at the same time, and am now hit by such stage fright, I don't know what to write...not stage fright really, as blog posting idea death.  I do miss it though.  OMG the mosquitos are ridiculous....I have to go!!!!!


Sam said...

The winged vampires are still in your 'hood?!? that's weird for your neck of the woods and this time of year! I was standing in my cottage the other night & could hear this buzzing noise and realized that my screen door (which is 4 feet wide) was vibrating from all the mosquitoes that were on it wanting to get in. YIKES! need more bats! : )

oreneta said...

Yes indeed! Out in strenght...the darlings....though not as bad as you seem to have them.