Wednesday, June 13, 2012

call me Ishmael, em dius Ishael

I was working in BCN today related to some examinations I was invigilating, and the room we were in, there was this noise.....this weird deep groaning sort of rumble about ever 15 seconds.  It wasn't really loud exactly, but I did come to feel as if I were working in the belly of a whale whose stomach was feeling rumbley. He treballat avui a BCN, in relació d'unes exàmens que estava vigilant, i l'aula on estàvem, hi havia una soroll.......un soroll molt estrany, molt profunda i que ressonava i que retrunyia cada 15 segons.  No feia molt de soroll precisament, però al final sentia com si estigui treballant en la panxa d'un gran balena, i la seva panxa estava parlant per gana.

Very odd.  Molt estrany.

Even odder was that I was the only one who seemed to be wondering about it.  Més estrany encara?  Estava la única qui estava preguntant i notant el soroll.  


elpadawan said...

Maybe everybody else had already been digested :).

Beth said...

This post reminded me of how my stomach would rumble with hunger during exams and in class. I was always sure everybody could hear. ;)
I love the word “invigilate.”

oreneta said...

That's IT!!!!!! I got out alive...........

Beth, I asked around today about how to say that your stomach rumbles in Catalan, they use snores....your guts are snoring. Great, no? Invigilate is a good word, sort of a workout for your mouth, no?