Monday, June 4, 2012

Frustration. Frustració

I work on Saturdays and that's OK, but this coming weekend, the mountaineering group had a pretty exciting trip to Andorra planned, so I got a substitute. Treballo dissabtes, que està bé, però aquest cap de setmana que ve, la grup de muntanya tenia una excursió força interessant i llavors, he trobat una substituta per la meva classe.

All fine and good.  Cap dificultat.

Then we got an offer to go sailing for the weekend, which the family was all enthusiastic about, and I was to some extent too.  I already had a sub, so no problem.  I told the mountaineering crowd that we wouldn't be able to come.  Llavors, uns amics ens van convidar d'anar a fer navegació pel cap de setmana, Tota la família estaven emocionats, i jo també.  Ja tenia una substituta, cap problema.  Vaig explicar al grup de muntanya que no podem venir.

Because of lack of numbers, the Andorra trip got cancelled.  If we had gone, it might have run. Per falta de números, l'excursió cap a Andorra era anul·lada.

Then I got offered full-day higher paid work on Saturday, which I declined.  Llavors tenia una oferta de treball per dissabte, que seria per tot al dia per més diners, vaig dir que no.

Then I got offered more full-day higher paid work for the same Saturday, which I again declined.  Llavors, tenia una altre oferta de treball, també per dissabte, també per tot al dia, també per més diners.  També vaig dir que no.

Now the sailing trip is off.   Ara la viatge d'anar a navegar està anul·lada.

So is Andorra, and the two jobs I got offered, and I have a sub for my job.  També Andorra i les dos ofertes de treball i tinc una substituta per la meva feina.


I think I'll go and paint for a bit.  Vaig a pintar una mica, crec.

.......later més tarde.........

Got some paintings done, and I have at least got work for that Sat, not as cool as going to Andorra or going sailing, but at least it's something.  He pintat una mica i ara tinc feina per dissabte, no tan xulo com anar a Andorra ni anar a fer navigació, però és alguna cosa per fi.


thecatalanway said...

Oh dear that all does sound frustrating! Which did you really want to do? The Andorra thing or the sailing? Sounds like choices being offered and something else underneath. What I wonder? Kx

Ps did you know your word ID is getting harder and harder to do? It really is a pain. I've got it wrong now several times.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a bad day... Did too many good things happen to you recently, and karma decided it was payback time? Or is it the other way around, and you should be set for a few weeks of good things now?

Also, I agree with thecatalanway for the captcha. They're getting unreal...

sam said...

oh! I HATE days like that....or the ones where you have a few simple errands to do that stretch into an all day thing and don't actually get done?!? I feel your pain my friend!
: )