Monday, June 18, 2012

walking Caminant

I went walking today with my hairdresser and a friend of his.  A fantastic day.  60K, 1,859 climbing, 1,992 descending.   That would be 6,099 ascending and 6,207 descending.

We ended it all with a swim in the sea.  What a fabulous day.

He anat a caminar avui, amb el meu perruquer i una amiga seva.  Un dia fantàstic.  60K, 1,859m de pujada i 1,992 de baixada.  

Hem acabat la dia nadant pel mar.  Un dia fabulós.


Beth said...

How are you ever going to stay in shape in Toronto?
I don't take walks with my hairdresser but he gives great hugs! Oh, yeah, and does a nice job on my hair, too. ;)

oreneta said...

I'm not going to stay in such good shape, if I can maintain a bit of it, I'll be happy.