Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something to love about Catalonia Una cosa que m'encanta de Catalunya

I was walking down the street the other day and a little crocodile of 2.5 − 3 year olds, all holding onto a rope one after the other came tooling down the street.  L'altre dia estava passant pel carrer quan una cua de nens del guarderia em va passar, tots agafant una corda.

They were cute as buttons, to put a cliche on it.  Super bufons.  

Pretty normal you think to yourself, and it's true, but what I adored is that everyone who saw them going by didn't just smile and keep going, they stopped what they were doing and where they were going to smile at them and watch them meander down the road.  Això sembla força normal, i ho és, però el que m'encantava era que tothom que els van veure no simplement van somriure i continuar.  No.  Van parar completament i van gastar unes minutes mirant els nens i les nenes caminant pel carrer.  Tots amb un bon somriu.

Love it.  Me n'encanto

I can hear one of the two choirs in town warming up next door.  They sound pretty good.  Puc sentir el coral a costat escalfant-se.  Sonen bé.


elpadawan said...

When I do that, I really feel like a foreigner because I'm the only one doing it. And I love it too :p

Beth said...

One of the (many) downsides to big city living – when I see that sort of thing I’m usually in my car – as are most people. Still, so sweet to see.

thecatalanway said...

I love it too! Has Chuck shedded yet?