Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Gothic Quarter, el barri Gothic

Went on another walking tour of BCN - an English correcting one!  The Man had the camera.....

I don't know which church this is, though I suspect it is Santa Maria del Pi

In the Plaça del Pi - it says the plaça of the unknown militia.  Don't know what that is referring to.

This is definitely inside Santa Maria del Pi

And this too, I'd never been in the church before, so it was pretty interesting, as churches go.

Cleaning up some graffiti...

Plaça de I-have-no-idea, but I could take you there, and they shot a scene from Vicky-Christina Barcelona there.  Flowers were falling off the tree onto us while we were there, it was lovely.

The courtyard of Casa l'Adriarca, now the archives of something or other, just by the Cathedral, lovely and quiet.

Their mailbox....complete with swallows and a turtle

The courtyard or a museum near the Cathedral...don't remember the name, it's late and the computer is running out of is lovely and quiet and has sculpture and a pretty little cafe, which I've never eaten in, but which our guide said was nice.

A unicorn gargoyle on the cathedral

Our feet....

The ceiling in part of the Palace of the Kings of Catalonia and Aragon

A doorway designed by Subiras, who is also doing the passion facade at Sagrada Familia

Columns from the original Roman forum

The base of another column, long gone.

The entrance to a building just off St Jaume, part of the city hall of BCN...look closely at the arch over the door, it is very cleverly done.

A sculpture by Antoni Llena that is of the Castallers, and also cava...very Catalan.
I like it, though it doesn't stand out well in the photo.  Every one of those curves was made by cutting the metal at an angle and then resticking it together again to make the curve.  Then smoothing it out.  Think about that for a bit.

Look closely at those columns.  Someone was feeling very bold.

Street art on someone's balcony.

and on the Palau de Mùsica Catalana

There it is again, I like the Palau a lot.

There you have it, the orfeó català, the choir that funded the building's construction, and the Catalan shield.

Hope you enjoyed it, I did.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit :). And nice mailbox, but I'm not sure it's fit for every home...
For the Militia, some websites are referring to a Militiaman not a militia. In which case it could be in honor of all the anonymous militiamen that fought during the Civil War...

Beth said...

I think you should post a picture of you sitting down (back to the camera if you wish). You are ALWAYS on the go!

Lovely & intriguing pictures.

thecatalanway said...

Sant Felipe Neri - one of my favourite squares.

Lovely to see you and Chuck. I agree with your other friend - find some time to sit down when you are away! you have been sooooo busy. I know you'll be sitting on the plane but that doesn't count:)
Kate x

Helen said...

Barcelona just has so much to see! Lovely city. Tell X nice photos too.

oreneta said...

ElP, as always, you're amazing....fascinating info, and I've passed it on already.

Beth....not sure when that'll happen!!!!

Kate, we did indeed have a lovely walk. I enjoyed it enormously, and then had an involuntary second 5K walk this afternoon. Cadged a lift down to the beach and then my T10 card was expired and I had to march back up....*sigh* though I read while I walked, so that was more pleasant. Surprised to discover how fast I can walk while walking uphill and reading. Silly.

Helen, it is such a lovely city isn't it. I will tell him too, I am most impressed as well.