Friday, November 24, 2006

Reasons to celebrate

Well, the family is here and it is pretty busy. Never did so much grocery shopping in my life. Everyday and frequently twice a day. That's what happens when there are 17 people to visit. The family has decided to get together consciously to celebrate life and milestones, rather than to get together at the funerals. This event is the 95th birthday of the family matriarch. Came over on the Queen Mary II and flew down, and will fly back to London for 10 days there before returning home. Much of it solo. Here's hoping.

It has been fascinating getting to know my family again as an adult. Having not seen most of them for 9 years, we worked that out tonight, it is an all new relationship. Quite fun. Lets hope they come and visit often.

On another topic, one of the challenges of living here is knowing where to buy what you want. I've been searching for sheets at a reasonable price for a month now. I will grant I am a little fussy about sheets, but as I spend up to a third of my life in them, and they aren't cheap, and your usually stuck with them for a good decade, pickyness seems warranted. Where the hell do I find them though? Hmmmmm......... Long live the sarong. Don't know how people get by without them. Scarf in the cold, shawl in the cool, skirt or dress in the hot. Sling for a baby or toddler, headscarf in a church or a mosque, blanket for a tired child, yoga mat, beach seat, the list goes on and on. They are cheap, dry quickly, pack small and wash in almost no water..... I sound like an ad. Currently my largish collection is serving as bottom and top sheets for us all, as well as occasional garments. Another reason to celebrate. A little silly I'll grant, an ode to a sarong.


Nomad said...

Ode to the sling??

oreneta said...

It is rather like that, there are a few items in this world that are simply so USEFUL and so simple as well, it just is astonishing, and I suppose they deserve an ode or two here and there. You never got the sling back did you. What a shame, although maybe someone out there is singing their own ode to a sling and it has started a new life with other children. never know.