Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Working like dogs, July 05

We are back and established at work and camp. I am a teacher trainer running my own course for infant toddler Montessori teachers for the summer. Everyone around me is very uptight for involved and highly jargon loaded reasons and I am struggling to cope with them all as I simply cannot work up the nervous tension they seem to expect, nor do I want to. Unfortunately this only makes them more uptight as it makes me look a little cavalier in their eyes I suspect. We are ultimately just on different wave lengths. They are nice people, just more worked up, and much more tired. The kids are in the camp offered by the school, N thinks it is OK, although I don’t think either of them loves it, D definately hates it, an it is an unpleasant battle evey morning to get her there and she is peeled weeping off my leg every day which is less than pleasant, but it is only for a few weeks anyway (…later she has settled in and is happier, only took three weeks) The girls are otherwise doing well, although they have been getting all sorts of germs which we haven’t had to deal with in a long time and I for one am not enjoying. That all sounds rather dreary, but were OK, keeping our heads down and going along. Sounds like some quote from an ignorant hockey player after a losing game, but it is at some level true. Life is fine here, just not what I would be chosing to do.
Had a harsh and delightful day yesterday, got e-mail from the Tuamotos, two boats in Grenada, one in Norflok and also friends in Alaska, all while I was at work all day. Probably explains the dour tone of the e-mail.It is not so easy adjusting to life on land, I find the constant noise bothers me, and I am not very good at that urban-multi-tasking-keeping-16-balls- in-the-air-at-once-thing. That may be a function of leaping into work and we are also setting up a new course so there are fewer predictables. I’d rather be sailing.The saving grace for us is that we know that we are going to be going again, Spain has not emerged yet, but is looking like a good possibility, and the boat is the other option. I’m not sure which I would pick, the boat I think, but the chance to go live in a village in Spain is very cool, and definately something to leap at, just wish I didn’t have to give up cruising for a few years. We only just got out. X is back at work at Quantum, and we are waiting around, working hard, making money and seeing how our life is going to unfold for the next bit. We haven’t gotten the Spanish citizenship yet, there is a reason that Man~ana is a Spanish word. “Any min. now….” Anyway, X’s buddies in Spain say the loft is very busy, so the chances are reasonable. We just spent the day up at a horse barn which was very cool with some friends who have a three year old thoroughbred they are training for dressage work. That was great, a whole world I simply don’t know the words and rules for. Kids had a great day, lots of horses and dogs and rasberries. Then went back and had dinner together. Nice day over all.We’re hoping to make it out to Martha’s Vineyard in late Aug. to visit some cruising buddies who are washed up on shore there. If we don’t go to Spain, we’ll get back on the boat again which would be great, I like that lifestyle a lot better, although Spain would be intensly cool. We’ll have to see.

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