Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Waiting in Miami, Fall 05

Hello hello, We’re still in Miami waiting endlessly for weather to cross the gulf stream. We’ve been having a pretty nice time and meeting some interesting folks. We are doing well on the whole, although we are heartily sick of Florida. We’ve been hanging out waiting for weather to cross over. There was one window ages ago, which we missed because we got news that a certificte that X needed from Spain for the citizenship process had arrived, and so we skipped that one to organize that. BIG MISTAKE. Anyway, we came on down to Miami, and have been stuck here, and in the vicinity for 6 weeks of so. There was one other window, and we found out the day before that we had an mail package coming, so we regretfully waited for it to arrive. It didn’t come for another ten days. Arrgh. Anyway, still no windows since then. We’ve met many more kids on boats this trip which has been great for the girls. Indeed there is a 7 year old on a boat in the anchorage where we are now, along with people we have met a couple of times previously. The cruisers are all going to have a get together tomorrow at an island in the middle of the bay that is a park, bring your drinks, and a snack, and a raincoat. There are a lot of people here waiting. The whole thing about Spain: that we might be moving there, and that we are waiting for X’s citizenship papers to come through so we can go. X got the job offer and everythng, although I don’t know how long they will wait for the process to continue. The job may disappear if the consulate takes too long.

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