Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anger vs. music

I was talking to my Mom last night, which was lovely and useful and helpful on all sorts of levels, but one thing she said to me is that I seem angry lately on the blog. 

I have to agree.  I have been angry lately in real life too.

Combo of things I think, though the architect is the chief focus of my...ahhh....ire.

She did have a solid point though that one of the realities of living expat is a certain level of frustration and anger.

The same could be said of people embarking on a home renovation.

Despondency is guaranteed.

SO today after a, shall we say, grim beginning...imagine me weeping gently in the kitchen as I am making my tea and the man looking at me somewhat confused and miserable as he is just trying to go off in the morning....assuring me that this is all doable and I have not engaged us all in the worst mistake of our lives and to stop apologizing.  

Got the picture?

Well, first I found this video which was cool, and also had pretty cheery music, and some fun dancing....and that got me going on music.  

It is absolutely magically how it can completely alter your mood, and thank all the good little fairies in the forest for that, no?  So we had a bit of a youtube morning, finding anything that was upbeat.

I continued working on this theme....sugar at snack...yes, I went out and bought candy...I needed all the sweetening I could get.....

Went and bought some Xmas decorations before lunch.  Gotta get me excited about that...doable, manageable and cheery...clear goals are good in life....had a micro-nap.  I kid you not, the sucker was utterly pathetic....between youngest tossing advent calendars on my head, and card games and playing the harmonica in my ear, the dog managed to lick my eye as well; maybe it smelled of chocolate.

Helped though.  Played cards with youngest, freaked out trying to figure out her homework about the human excretory systems...utterly INCOMPREHENSIBLE question...holy mother of small toadstools (I'm having fun making these suckers up).

Made a conscious effort to laugh, to notice the sunshine, to see what I love about being here....heck I was even glad to go to the dentist!  Truly...three of us through, and the man got his teeth cleaned...no wait, delightful lady) who weirdly saw me last year in LONDON at the Tate Modern.  Life is very strange.  ANYWHOOO, it all cost, get this.....45 Euros!!!

What's not to love.

Off to Amazon to do some Xmas shopping, and you tube to listen to some music.

Think I'm gonna be getting myself an iPod...music is a miracle.  Too bad the man likes stuff like John Pryne so much.  My favourite *snort*  song by him is the one that sings about the hole in daddy's arm where all the money goes.  Just stick your head in the oven now!

Nope...loading the sucker up with some HAPPY music.

Suggestions anyone?


Beth said...

Oh, yes! Music, dancing and chocolate to alter one’s mood!
A few suggestions – from Ted to me to you…
Bohemian Like You – The Dandy Warhols
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World – Israel Kamakawiwo’ele (that is a very long surname…)


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

My music tastes are all over, from old school jazz to Streisand (go figure, eh?) to classic rock.

Lets' see...how about Dusty Springfield to get ya goin'? I also 'found' a gal by the name of Jules Day on My Space. Here is her profile url: http://www.myspace.com/julesdaymusic
She is a young jazz singer from CA and I think she has a great sound. I even bought her cd and now see she has another one out that I will have to check out. Here is a list of who is on my i-pod, not counting videos:
Chaka Kahn
Alicia Keys
Andrea Bocelli
Barbra Streisand
Bette Midler
Billie Holiday
Bonnie Raitt
Carolyn Leonhart
Cheryl Lynn
Diana Krall
Ella Fitzgerald
Elton John
George Michael
Gladys Knight
Gloria Estefan
Harry Belafonte
Heather Small
Josh Groban
Kristine W.
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Patsy Cline
Rosemary Clooney
Toni Braxton
Vanessa Williams
Kellye Gray
Mia Montenegro
Count Basie

Lynda said...

"holy mother of small toadstools..." Ha ha ha... very good. Some days it is best to just 'choose' to be happy.

I think that previous comment pretty much tied up the music dept. talk about over achiever!

My word verification today is: SPORKET... for some reason that struck me as funny... next time I stub my toe, I am going to say 'oh sporket!!'.

J.G. said...

Blogging is about relieving stress by chatting with sympathetic friends about anything and everything . . . so fire away. We are happy to listen!

Though it's great when you share the happy events, too, and I hope you have lots of them to balance out the frustrations.

As for the music, hmmmm. I'm partial to early Springsteen, myself, when I need a boost. Born to Run, Rosalita, etc. The man can really turn a phrase.

Ditto for Meat Loaf. Must for all those power guitars.

aska said...

you bet - had my ipod on today in the car after having "lost" it for ages and finally figuring out it was down between the seats.
BOB MARLEY - ok - I just love him - but wanna feel good? there you go
pump up the volume!!
where is the love - justin timberlake
i got a feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night - Black eyed Peas
mas que nada - another Black eyed Peas but with some Spanish? group - had it as my ring tone now for 2 years and still not sick of it
i believe - (cant remember who but its great)
oh i could go on and on
Whiter Shade of PALE - and many other songs from that ancient but amazing movie the Big Chill
Snoopy CD from Winston & cannot remember his name Marsalis - Jazz - but it's snoopy!
Mamma Mia soundtrack and/or classic ABBA!!!
Goofy corny Christmas songs!!
allright - i'll stop now ;-)

oreneta said...

Beth! I am sucking chocolate out of my teeth as I type! and it looks like a little bitty iPod is coming my way! Life is SWEET!

Doug, you totally rule...I'm going to have to get some Streisand on there...any specific recommendations? Gladys knight...SO right, and I would not have thought of that anytime soon...Pasty Kline...she kind of falls into the hurting music genre, but in moderation....some of those artists I haven't heard of...hmmmm.

Lynda, I totally agree with you about sporket, that has got to be a new word, it manages to sound obscene, fat, no obese and rude altogether, like a greasily unwashed version of fuckit, no?

JG...I never really saw you as a meatloaf fan before...something new every day, no? What song...the one from the Rocky Horror?

ASHKA!!!!! YOU COMMENTED! How do I love thee....Don't stop now, in fact I am going to ask you to just copy your track list from your iPod....though I may not use it all... we found a copy of Upstairs at Eric's in Nassau one year and played it a LOT. I invariably thought of you!

Anonymous said...

Just realised I missed maybe THE most important feel good song/artist of all time - ARTEHA FRANKLIN - Respect! (Good for the architect - no?)

carla said...

Yes, you need a ipod yesterday!! Lets me think of some of my playlists: I have my angry women songs, Think "Earl," by the Dixie Chicks.

Then I have my introspective retro playlist, which includes "Comfortably Numb," by Pink Floyd

Chick Pop with Katy Perry, Demi Lovato,

County dudes with Keith Urban etc.

I love music, pretty much most of it.

It will make you happy, so I say go for it!

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

One of my favorites from Barbra, that always makes me laugh, is Adelaide's Lament from Guys and Dolls. It is on her Broadway album. Stay away from her brief encounter with the Disco era - that didn't work so well at least for me. I have to check out her latest album that she did with Diana Krall, another of my favorites.
Mia Montenegro is a gal I used to work with and I think she is pretty darn good. Kinda like Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Good luck and let us know how your selections progress. There are lots of great suggestions in these comments!