Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First day of vacations

If it keeps up like this, I'm going to need to go back to work, but soon, to make it through.


Walk the dog
Leave early
Drop Youngest at school
Catch the bus to BCN
SHOP till I dropped
Rtn home
Lunch out with a friend
Walk dog, get soaked
Go to work for a brief bit of work
Manage kids having generalised meltdowns because the stress is off.
Go out to dinner in wet shoes
Meeting, 10-12pm, again wet shoes and cold feet.
Create new blog for the group I am on the board of
Post to my own blog - 1am.
Brush teeth, pee, read a bit

Repeat with variations tomorrow...no meeting thankfully!


Anonymous said...

you only pee once a day? (sorry, someone had to point it out...)

g'night ;)

J.G. said...

You'll need to get back to work just to rest up, right? Ain't it the truth, this time of year!

oreneta said...

ElP, You're right, I did pee when I got up. Missed that. Thanks ;p

JG, goodness, sometimes it seems that way.