Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sweet mother...professional h*ll

This evening after work I designed a line-up fit to destroy anyone.

We visited:

  1. The dentist.  Eldest has braces in her (near) future.
  2. The lawyer.  A new Spanish will, and more paperwork for the kids citizenship. (fun wow!)
  3. a brief stop - 15 min - at the local bar to eat anything for supper
  4. A long meeting with the architectural assistant. I was not very nice.  Indeed I was kind of unpleasant in a nice kind of way. Aside from obliquely accusing them of asking for kick-backs and stating that we wanted to send out the requests for prices ourselves....ho hum.  I was also pretty clear that I am really pretty frustrated with the pace of the project....ho hum
  5. Got home at 10:30 pm.
  6. Bagged.
Now the dog is barking at me, and I don't know why.

Good lord, bring on the weekend.

On that note, we are going away for the weekend - thank god.

More anon.


Beth said...

I think you really need that break - enjoy the weekend!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You're wearing me out just hearing about it. Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

enjoy the week-end, with some well-deserved rest :)

oreneta said...

Beth, yes INDEED!

Bodhi, thank you.

ElP...that is the plan...I don't know about the rest part though.....

Lynda said...

Doesn't sound like much fun... at least you had the weekend to look forward too.. I am being abducted by aliens...whoops sorry did I say that allowed... I mean invited to eat all my meals with the outlaws... then watch them sleep it off in the afternoon... Beam Me Up Scotty!!!!!

Word Verification today: "kershdra", without a doubt, this will soon be the name of some poor unfortunate celebrity baby. Why don't they just tattoo them on the forehead at birth with "make my school years hell". ;)