Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four horsemen?

Well, I talked about how all the computers are down at work...right?  Since last friday we've not had our shared drives, nor our h drives, so internet and little else.

That's one.

They're also doing roofing, so my class of students and I are playing fugitive, or musical chairs as we continually migrate to the least stinky room we can find to work in.


This morning, the building manager comes in to inform me that the mechanical system will be down in our part of the building.  That is not just the AC, but all fans and air circulation equipment.  See above and the tar smells to imagine the beauty of this.

That would be the third horseman.

Then, I was told that the plumber would be coming to one of the principle rooms I work in.  That it would all be tarped and he shouldn't be there too long.  He'd be working in the ceiling!  (All the better to hose everything down!!!)

I mentioned to our (very nice) building manager, that he really didn't have to bring the fourth one along, I was doing OK with three....

It is at least amusing ;-p


Anonymous said...

shouldn't that mean "day off, everyone!" ?

Sherry said...

I agree...I believe this means closing the building until the work is completed! Sounds like a disaster zone!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh nuts, I wrote a lengthy, pithy comment which was swallowed up by the blogger world. Sounds like the goddesses were telling you to get the flock out of that place. But also sounds so much like classic mercury in retrograde where it has been all month and where it will stay until the 26th. Expect more the same until then and just grin and bear it. I am trying to as well. Riley met with three (yes, !!!) near death experiences yesterday and I am grateful to have woken up to an ordinary life this morning. Or, as ordinary as it can be.... Yay for sailing!

Helen said...

Lordy lord!!!!

J.G. said...

Sounds (and smells) like an outdoor class or two should be on the agenda!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Sometimes the poo just stacks up doesn't it?

Sorry I haven't been by here in a while. Things have just been out of control around my place, but life is settling down a little. I thought of you and your sister when we were wandering the streets of Paris. the Immigration Series.