Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hmm, where to start

Got reading glasses, getting older, but I think I have to go back because the focal range is so narrow that I still cannot see anything clearly that is closer than about a foot from my face, and that just. won't. do.

They look funky though, too bad they don't work.

Got caught in the TTC today, I got on the subway and they said that it was down due to passenger illness.  That's usually fairly fast unless someone really splatters themselves around, so I though, not too bad.  Then we got turfed out, power was down between Keele and Broadview for the entire Bloor - Danforth line.  What did he do to take out the power from the subway system in the entire downtown core???? With his body????  I cannot image.

I can tell you though that waiting in the hot sun for a shuttle bus for AGES is not fun.

I can also tell you that there are a LOT of angry people in TO, and TTC staff have not been covering themselves with glory these days, but they were getting a whole TON of totally undeserved anger tossed at them and it was most unreasonable.

Thank goodness I had a book.

Met up with a very dear friend I haven't seen since last summer today, she's been diagnosed with cancer, had chemo and radiation and a radical mastectomy since I last saw her, and it was wonderful, wonderful wonderful to see her again.

Lovely day.


Sherry said...

Sending your friend good wishes...

oreneta said...

Thanks Sherry....