Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well, we all made it to the long long multi-span bridge of a weekend.

And thank goodness.

I fell into bed last night with the ripe beginnings of a cold....rather inevitable given what we've been up to...and I am now enjoying the full rich bubbling nuances of every moment of it.

I did manage to change my work tomorrow so I can go to Youngest's basketball game, maybe the only one I see this year.  Sadly, we have to get up at 6am as it is an out of town far out of town as we will get this year, and it has to be an early game too....

Still glad I get to see her play.

We've got a couple of museums lined up...I've got some work and if I start breathing again, some painting!!!

Sounds like a good one.


Anonymous said...

Get some rest, that's what the bridge is also for :)

Beth said...

“Rich bubbling nuances…” What a lovely description!
Enjoy the game – hope Youngest’s team wins.
(I know, I know…it’s all about having fun but winning is nice, too.)

J.G. said...

Glad you made it to the game! 'Tis the season for overcommitment and colds, for sure. Hope breathing is going well for you. :-)

oreneta said...

Still breathing, and had a lovely, albeit short, nap today! YEAH for napping!