Saturday, October 25, 2014


I should have gotten some photos, but I was busy working in the garden.

We have a little garden in front of the house, it is a lovely little garden and it was growing like a jungle...which I let it do over the summer, helps to keep the soil moist and shaded so that everything survives.

But today it had to come out.

The cats LOVE the jungle, they LOVE IT!!!

I was worried when I was working away clearing out the overbrush (Is that a word?  It is now) that I would scare off the cats, but no.  One of them anyway was quite content to lie quietly in the middle of everything and watch me working away.  I'm walking right past here with gigantic armloads of plants to throw out, and she just calmly watches me go by.

Later she found a spot under a bush.

Later still, we saw her asleep like she was dead in the long grass.  I didn't trim the grass so some of it is VERY long indeed....though I trampled it down a bunch.

Glad to know the cats will keep coming back. 

Part of the place they are.


Boo and Trev said...

Cats are girls and dogs are boys!
Nice bit of Yoda talk last sencence was!

oreneta said...

Indeed rather yoda-ish at the end there!

Anonymous said...

Our dog is gone now. Old age. And the neighbourhood cats are now claiming the garden for themselves, too... We're thinking about getting a pup soon, but timing has to be done right, we have a lot going on at home at the moment :)

oreneta said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the dog. That is so sad. What happened to your cat? Didn't you have one?