Friday, March 4, 2016

Another great thing

You know, how the French have that pain au chocolat stuff?  Well, pain au chocolat really means, bread with chocolate.  The Catalans do that too, but kinda classic style, none of that fancy pastry making and butter.......and man is it ever good.

You take a really nice baguette, then insert a slab of dark chocolate then eat it. 

Really, that's it.

Insanely good.  (not for every day by a long shot, but my oh my.)


kate said...

Yup. Yum!

oreneta said...

yes yes yes yes yes

Anonymous said...

Guess you won't be skinny when you Get here.

oreneta said...

Don't get me started on pa amb oli, sucre. Bread with olive oil and sugar. I wish they hadn't told me about that! Take our really good bread, excellent olive oil, generously streamed on and sugar. Oh my it is good. I've only done it once, cause it ain't good for you!

elPadawan said...

Yeah. We call that "pain avec du chocolat". Take a half-baguette, cut it like you would a sandwich, Brittany or Normandy butter (depending on where your allegiances lie), insert chocolate of your choice (I have a preference for milk with whole hazelnuts in that case), close, chomp. You don't buy it in bakeries, but you make it at home :)

oreneta said...

Oh my goodness, you add butter to the chocolate! That it totally extravagant. and it sounds utterly delicious. The bread with chocolate here is also made at home, can't get it in the bakeries. Yum.

So, Brittany or Normandy butter, and why?