Tuesday, March 1, 2016

So tired

We are all so tired this evening.  Even the dog.

Youngest is still in recovery mode, has a terrible cough and is losing her voice.  It doesn't help that her work load has doubled (or tripled) at work, cause the guy she works with has hurt his knee, so she's doing all her classes alone, and all of his as well.  She is wiped.  She will also not be going on the Mountain bike excursion that the school has tomorrow.  She needs to rest.

The man is wiped too, he's been complaining about that for a couple of weeks, and just seems worn down. 

I've been hauling myself around today too - while worrying that I am coming down with Youngest's flu - but I don't seem to be, just weary.

Even the dog was not very excited on his walk. 

Hopefully tomorrow, we'll all feel a little perkier.


Anonymous said...

Check for aenemia. Eat a steak. Seadog

oreneta said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same....Chuck would love that!