Thursday, March 24, 2016

Galicia, day 1

Well, I went off with the Grup de Muntanya to Galicia for 5 days to go walking, and I have to say it was marvelous.  The country there is much wetter, and greener.  It is also more British in its weather, rainy and misty a lot and not as hot.

It is also very very beautiful.  Galicia is generally not as populated and is quite rural.  Also, most people live in houses with yards rather than in tight villages with the gardens outside them.

I'm going to post information and photos based on the days of the trip.  The first day we started in Arou in Galicia, right up in the top corner, and we were doing the Costa de morte, la via dels fuegos (lighthouses, or something along those lines!?

We walked along the coast the whole day, ending in a gigantic lighthouse.  Far in Catalan, Faro in Spanish.

My Spanish, as an aside, has improved enormously on this trip.

Here's some photos:

They have these structures all over the place.  They are/were for storing grain so that the rats cannot get at it.  The pieces of land that people have are pretty small as the inheritance laws do not give everything to the eldest, rather they are divided between the kids (don't know if that was/is only boys or both sons and daughters).  I suppose they couldn't really afford to lose much grain, so it was worth it to build these to safeguard it.

We went by some boats as we were walking right along the coast. I can never resist a boat.

It was really big and wild and savage and open. It does make it hard to get a good photo, especially as I was using my phone since the camera has humidity in it.  Must get that fixed.

That may give you more of an idea.  We finished the day at the lighthouse on the point.

This is a cematary for British sailors off a ship that wrecked on the coast here a long time ago (I cleary have forgotten the details!) 

The shoes aren't quite so pristine, there were few muddy patches, but what there was, was really good stuff.

The day looked like this a lot.  I loved it.

 More boats....

This was a HUGE slug!  Tip of my shoe for perspective.

Boiling bit of North Atlantic.

My practically new pristine white sock at the end of the day!

It was a marvelous day indeed.


thecatalanway said...

Sounds like a greattrip - glad your Spanish got some practice. (or should that be Practise? not sure if it is a noun or a verb in this situation) K X

oreneta said...

For what it's worth, in Canada we are indifferent to the difference! So it's all good....practice or practise....(though we don't often use pratise)