Sunday, December 22, 2019

3 trains, Harwich to Glasgow

Woke a sleepy Stella up, in fact she was so asleep it took her a while to be excited!!!! X and I were both looking forward ro visiting Harwich, where the Swallows started their trip from, and also where the captain of the Mayflower was born.  We had a n initially un lovely but fast improving walk from the ferry terminal to Harwich proper stopping at a train stn en route for breakfast.

We walked along the Channel side of Harwich, looking out to sea, where they didn't mean to go and we'd just come from.  I'd been a little disappointed when I went out early that morning that I hadn't seen us going into harbour.  On the way home with any luck.  It was a calm day with the tide going out.

However, as we were settling in to explore the town a bit, I got a notice from the Greater Anglia train services that a lot of trains were cancelled that morning.  As wee had a train to glasgow to catch that afternoon, getting trapped in Harwich seemed a poor idea.  We headed to the train stn to check and sadly chickened out, making our way to London (2 trains) sooner.  I sat next to a man who chatted about the 7 parrots and parakeets he has.  (friends with Capt. Flint???)

London for a puppy from the pobla was a pretty overwhelmingly exciting thing!!!!! Tremendous pulling on the leash at first but that gradually waned on the walk from Liverpool st stn to St Euston.  We walked along London Wall st for a lot of it, which was cool, because, well, London Wall!!!!

We went by a Victorian era hero's wall, with many plaques like this one,

We then hung out jn Russel Square for about an hour and a half, remember we were quite early, before heading for the madness that is Euston Station.

While in Russel Square we managed to sit on a bench dedicated to a Catalan who was born at the close of the civil war and emigrated to London in the 70s

Got some supplies for dinner and got on the train.  It was a little squishy. But it was fine.  Stella was an angel on the train, sleeping peacefully for the entire trip.  Her onky problem was that she's longer than the seat is so even with her butt against the wall, her head hung out in the aisle.  The man spent a lot of time picking her head up so it wouldn't be stepped on. 

Thing's improved as we got further north as the train emptied out à bit and the man went and sat across from us.  And then we arrived in Glasgow, met by Eldest.  Another slightly hectic walk through a new town and we got home.  Ahhhhhh


Anonymous said...

Bit dated now. You two are wonderful travellers. You see all the interesting things as you go. SeadogL

Anonymous said...

I must have forgotten to check "Anonymous"

oreneta said...

We try! It's an interesting world!!!