Saturday, December 21, 2019

4 trains and a ferry

Well, we're on the move again!!!! Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!!!

We're off for xmas with Eldest (Youngest is flying up in a few days) this time, the land of sunshine and warm weather.  Not.  Glasgow is darker colder and wetter than the Netherlands, but we'll all be there together and it'll be great. 

So we set off this morning to take the train to the ferry.  But the train to Amsterdam Centraal was cancelled because of a problem with a bridge. Fortunately, the train the Amsterdam Schipol airport wasn't and so we took that, though a lovely girl told us we could change trains at an earlier station.  Managed that. Stella had her first train rides and escalator rides.  Good she liked the trains better cause the escalators were a little panic inducing. 

Got the train to Rotterdam, upper deck!!!! And mostly empty, though we had a lovely chat with a university student who had just written an exam. 

Rotterdam was fine.  The river, Rijn, was far and away the most impressive part.  It looked pretty North American, kinda like Hamilton, but more stylish, to be honest.  Fine. Stella the country mouse who thought she liked the city is not so sure now.  Wait till tomorrow and London!!!! 

So we went into Hoek van Holland Haven on a littler train.  I was excited to visit as The Hook and Harwich where we're docking tomorrow morning as they're where the Arthur Ransom book 'We Didn't Mean to go to Sea' takes place, and we're on the ferry that their father leapt off of when he saw them in the harbour!!!! Hoek van Holland little resembles the books, it was very very badly damaged by the Germans, so is modern and, at least near the station, honestly a little dreary, though they say the beach is lovely.  We may make it out on the way back as Stella will be needing a walk, but it was nearly dark when we got here. There are however a few older houses, and there are still pilot boats, again rather different from those described in the story.

The ferry is enormous, full of trucks, and we have an inside windowless cabin, we'll be mostly sleeping anyway, with a bathroom and shower.  Very lush.  Best of all, there's a puppy cam as Stella has to go in a kennel for the trip.  She hasn't slept all day, so she should sleep at least some of the trip away. 

UK tomorrow!!!!

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