Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A typical day?

Well, as I comb through the day to think about what to write, in many ways, today is pretty typical, a good day on the whole. 

Got up and ate breakfast, at a leisurely pace, chatting with the man, reading the news, patting the dog, drinking my tea.  Not like sometimes when I'm out the door at 5am!!  Off to walk the dog around 10, a three hour walk, which is not unusual when we are stationary!  Lovely one today, off up to the Markermeer walking along a canal, on a bicycle path and a park for the majority of the route. 

They're building new land here, the dutch are formidable at this, you can see it in the background.

Stella, my determined and delightful and increasingly good on the lead walking companion was every curious

and we saw an old fort, which we might explore another day, but it was already well past lunch time and we were still a long way out. 

Got home, after the man ran past us and took Stella gleefully with him, had a lovely lunch...(mmmm, those ikea cookies to top it off!)  and a nap! Chatted on the phone with a friend for a couple of hours, that's not so typical, but it was great.  Her Mom, my dear dear friend, just finished sailing across the Southern Ocean, and was reveling in hot showers, toilets with doors and flushes and dry salt free beds, we hoped while we chatted about all manor of things!

Dinner, after being on the phone so long, it was quick but delicious, spaghetti with red sauce with bacon and olives, a boiled egg and salad.  Mmmmm

A little work, a little reading, a little blogging, some more reading and ready for tomorrow!  NO RAIN TODAY!!! YIPEEE!!!!

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