Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canadian politics! Fascinating. You would have thought that a contradiction in terms, but not this week.

My longest title ever.

I have to say that this post has a great early opener on what is going on in Canadian politics (hint...hopefully they will toss that misogynist SOB environmental nightmare that we have mysteriously had as PM for too shudderingly long) *nb...at least you know where I stand anyway*

I love the opening line on this blog wherein he describes in a nutshell what has happened so far.
My bet is that Harper thought that he could do anything he wanted as it would be impossible for the Liberals to get out from under the leadership mess. Worse, he could not help poking a stick in the eye of all the other parties.
Such a stupid selfish thing to do Harper....stupid and selfish.

Lord I really cannot abide that man. He hates women, hates anything that has the temerity to grow and live on this planet without personally serving him directly or at least bringing him profit.



Stepped right up on the band wagon there.

It was SO unfortunate that Ignatieff didn't win the head of the liberal party. Mr. Rae...shame on you. I used to respect you...but you are revealing yourself as power-hungry to the point of idiocy and untrustworthyness. Cause you know what?


Lordy lordy lordy.


On a more timeless and universal note...you could hop over here for a really lovely photo of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus which are all lined up right now and they are really spectacular. If you have a chance, even better, go outside and look up! A lovely change from politics.


Mar said...

Em sap greu, peró jo no puc opinar de política...

El Japonés was great, you only have to arrive before 1:30pm to find a table!!

Que tingues un bon dia, maca :)

mmichele said...

By this point, I can hardly bear to look at the news. I'm hoping the GG will come back home and tell all the boys to play nice.

oreneta said...

Mar, Que vagis bé a tu també, maca....

Mmichele...the man is a M.O.R.O.N. Did you hear about the bugged NDP call? Would have thought the whole Nixon thing might have clued them in? (MORON) I suspect he is too stupid to step down.

The really depressing aspect of it all is that the moron has done this at a time and in a way that can do little but create greater rifts in the country, at a time when we would be better served by hauling together....don't you think?

M.O.R.O.N. Mysoginist nightmare of a moron.


Carla said...

I can't really say anything, after all, my country elected GW TWICE!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. Idiot. Not you, Harper. Let's do have another election and oust the sorry excuse for a human being. Thanks for putting that all into words!