Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As a much needed break from talking about math and crazy math teachers, I have elected to talk about FOOD!!!

YEeeeAaaaaa HoooooOO!

Now, for lunch I had two lovely perfect fried eggs, one had an orange-y yolk and the other was a little yellower...beautiful and perky and very very yummy. So yummy I didn't get a photo. *snarf, gulp*

I did get a photo of my oatmeal....very special oatmeal, cause I start with this:

Cocoa powder and peanut butter, then in goes the oatmeal...I like it firm-ish so the milk swims around it like islands and the sea.

Very brown islands, and with the brown sugar I located, perfectly yummy islands. I NEVER stir my oatmeal...I like the contrast of the crunchy sugar, and the mushy oatmeal, also the cold milk and the hot, well, the hot oatmeal.

Mmmmmmmm. The peanut butter almost makes it easy to forget all the sugar and you can convince yourself it is good for you and not a desert. What more can you ask for?

Then there is this: the most flamboyant cauliflower I. ever. saw.

Is that not amazing? Alarming too....what did they cross that with? A physicist? I've heard of franken-foods and all, but.....their DNA????


Mar said...

Mmmm, I should try your special recipe, it sounds great!!
Don't know about the cauliflower, though :)

kate said...

Where do you get your peanut butter? It looks delish! We can get crappy stuff for cheap in the supermarket, but the all-natural stuff at the health food store is now going for 7 € a jar!

Anonymous said...

What a howl!!!just read your previous blog and your unheard of expressions - is that your generation's jargon - "a look under the hood"?!
Must remember it for my translation work.
SIGH - unfortunately I never get to do super-contemporary stuff! GM

oreneta said...

Mar, I know what you mean. I saw one like it in the bouqeria...even more intricately spiraled but white....

Kate...gotta go to the Chinese supermarkets...or Asian ones anyway. It's 2.50 a jar and really good.

GM, honestly, that was me talking about under the hood, though folks would know what I mean. You don't get to do contemporary stuff? That's a shame.

Beth said...

ROCKY!!!!! That looks DELISH!!!!! I can SMELL it!!!

Carla said...

Yum!! Your special oatmeal sounds yummy!

I like to mix muesli with vanilla yogurt for my morning breakfast. I think yours sounds better, though.

hulagirlatheart said...

Hmm. I've never thought of cocoa and peanut butter. My oatmeal needs a little pizzaz other than flax seed and Splenda.

dawn said...

I like to eat my oatmeal or red river cereal the same way. I often put peanut butter in, especially the Red River cereal but haven't added cocoa powder. I will have to try that. I do like it in a lump with the sugar on top and the milk floating around like a moat. Yum.

And that cauliflower, not sure I am into that.