Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A rant is better than a whine.

OK. I am going to draw, quarter, spit and burn that math teacher. This morning he bumped the math retake exam (remember that pass/fail the whole term jobbie?) to TOMORROW. Half a day's notice. Two days less to study. Then he decided that he is going to give them only half an hour to do it rather than the full hour they NEED for a three page exam.

I phoned the school. I am going in tomorrow morning as well, with youngest, poor thing, and I will be terribly late for my Catalan - if I make it. Which is the second point of despair/rage at the moment.

3. Not being able to study for Catalan

4. Cleaning.

5. The man's work hasn't come up with the double payment for the month yet....normally it is sent on the first or the 15th....

6. Eldest has developed a weird and painful swelling in a toe.

7. Youngest is being harassed by the boys in her class, the teacher doesn't believe her when she complains and the boys say she is lying, so the teacher doesn't stop it, then she gets in trouble for kicking them, and has to pick up all the garbage they have thrown at her. Must write a note for that tomorrow.

8. There is a leak in the roof in youngest's room. Very small, but I forsee jackhammers.

9 The phone still doesn't work properly

10. I have NO time.

11. The dog has to go back to the vet for a cut he has.

12. The usual chores that appear at this time of year.

13. The school sent home a note about all the times for the upcoming events; it included the dates and no times. In my already overcrowded schedule, and diminishing mental abilities I have to now go into the school, ask what the times are and write them down. Make a decent note, boys and girls.

14. I am annoyed that something so small would annoy me.

15. I grind my teeth in my sleep.

16. The keyboard on this computer sucks, and letters just don't appear and the space bar doesn't function properly...plus the internet cord keeps slipping out, and the other computer has to get the power cord replaced. It has gotten all sensitive. Put that on the list too.

17. I NEED this vacation

18 now

Can I get off now? I think I'm done.

And take that math teacher with me? Oooooooooh, what I would like to do to that one......


Trish said...

Don't forget to breathe.

Hang in there, vacation time is just around the corner.

kate said...

Oh dear. Way too much crap going on. Good luck with it all.

oreneta said...

Trish! That's what I was forgetting....two and a half more days....two and a half more days....

Kate, thankfully today is a better day, or at least another day.

Things were going so well I decided I ought to book the annual look under the hood with the gynecologist too...that's on Friday.