Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year everyone!

From Barcelona Blog

Most people of Barcelona will start the night with a private dinner often with family or the closest circle of friends, have a few drinks and eat twelve grapes at midnight, all at the same time, for luck. After this we will all head out.
Most local bars will open late, often after midnight and instead stay open until 6 am in the morning. Clubs are open all night and some until 4 pm tomorrow afternoon.

Honestly, rather them than me....far too exhausting. I am good for the first half...and we'll be eating the grapes...I think you have good luck if you don't choke to death on them....

We visited the Marmottan Museum....and saw lots and lots of these:

Went up to Montmartre amidst enormous crowds and walked back. Went past the Presidential Palace too...some security they have there.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope it's a good one for us all.


Beth said...

Oh Rocky.....HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!!! and I got my sea glass today!!!!! WHEEEEEEE!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Thank you so so mcuh.

This past year was so much better just cuz you were in it.


oreneta said...

Oh BETH!!! I a so glad it made it...and a good day for it to...Blog buds are the best.

Happy New Year HON!

elpadawan said...

happy new year to you too :)