Friday, December 26, 2008

Virtual U in a week.

I read a bunch of education/technology blogs along side of the bloglist on the side panel there.

They talk relatively endlessly, and quite interestingly about the possibilities of on-line education as well as the use of technology in regular classrooms.

One of the neat things that is going on here is the result of a not so neat things.....the students and profs together have shut down most of the Universities here for well over a month, possibly two. They are upset about a number of propositions coming out of Brussels about the future of post-secondary education in Europe.

My real point is that fascinating fact that the universities went virtual almost the space of about a week Profs were offering course material over blogs, video conferencing, wikis, e-mail and texting. The students had papers to write and due dates to all went on. On line. with no fuss.

Pretty darned neat I say.

Why does it take everyone else so long and why do we remain so painfully attached to the classroom?


Trish said...

Yes, classrooms are overrated. Online makes a lot of sense and reaches the most people so why not?

Beth said...

York University should be doing this. (I don't think they are.) They've been on strike for months.

dawn said...

Wow, in a week. I would be freaking out, but then I am slightly technologically challenged so that might have something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Right on!
Conservative academia with its revolutionary student body have always been a powder keg.
Let's hope its good times ahead.

So are all you, including your guests, pounding on the landlord's door, raising hell, refusing to pay next month's rent until the heating problem gets radically solved?
The weatherman claims there's more arctic weather coming - for all of Europe!GM

Beth said...

I don't know....but I'd rather do everything online!!! HA!

oreneta said...

Trish, I so agree. It is such a good option, and can be so affordable compared to a bricks and mortar school.

Beth, yes indeed..though I have a friend there who is a Prof in the fine arts department, fine arts studio...harder to teach on line.....

Dawn, these kids are pretty up to speed though......

GM, it's Christmas, it is irritating to say the very least, but it isn't Canada cold. Very irritating, but nothing is open.

Beth...on line RULES.