Sunday, December 7, 2008

this and that.

The apartment is cold, and there is no hot water...AGAIN. Yes indeed the caldera is fotuda again. No HEAT! Good thing this is Spain not Canada.

Sitges had been the plan today, but youngest was up most of the night sick...stomach ache and nausea...including some vomiting. Sorry folks, but that's the facts.

She spent the day on the couch and has crept back into bed, having eaten a bit. Hope it stays down.

Given the day spent hovering around the couch I

- found Picasa 3, which I love,

- sorted the massed snowdrifts of photos that had been accumulating in the computer through lack of time.

- Finished reading "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" in Catalan. Hadn't read it in any language...what a fabulous book. Though uncomfortable too. You know it can't end well. There were times I just had to put it down and walk away. Glad I read it, glad it's done. No I won't see the movie. It couldn't keep up with the book, even read in Catalan.

I have to recommend Herve Tullet's "The Five Senses". He apparently was in advertising (?!?!?!) and now makes a living with children's books including "The Scribble Book"....which my kids were not that excited about, but some of the artwork in "The Five Senses" is fabulous. I adore it. Bright, colourful, lively and interesting.

The computer cord that brings juice to the machine has also decided - today - that it is not going to work anymore, thankyouverymuch.

Of all the nerve. In the interest of my dying battery...I leave you here.




hulagirlatheart said...

Oh, so sorry for the illness and the naughty cord and the lack of heat. At least it's not snowing eh?

oreneta said...

Hula...darned tootin' at least it's not snowing....