Thursday, December 25, 2008

A lovely quiet Christmas

Well, still no heat nor hot water. 'Nuff said on that topic.

Chuck's Xmas gift was dried strips of duck meat. Can I just say that they were a huge success? He set his teeth into the bag as I broke the seal and tried to jerk them from my hands...tugtugtug...

Our friends left this morning (;-( so it was just us and my folks today, and it was lovely. Presents, a walk in town to see an art show and the monumental pessebre that was put up...a nice dinner and we went to here the local choir's Christmas concert in the church.

Lovely, also a three hour nap.


There is a Christmas present I LOVE!

What do you like best? Me.... books books books and books. I got lots and also Amazon money so I can get some more!!!


Cruising the virtual aisles as we speak....


Beth said...

Merry Christmas Rocky! Love ya!

Beth said...

Books! What else? And I was blessed with Chapters/Indigo gift cards.

You day sounded wonderful - despite the lack of heat and hot water.

Carla said...

My favorite present was a jump ring maker toolset so I can make jumprings to weave my own bracelets and necklaces.

Santa also brought me a new macbook, so now I'm making the switch from PC.

Merry belated Christmas!!

oreneta said...

Love ya too Beth, it was cool seeing the video of you on Rae's site with the mighty snoring pup.

Beth...indigo cards mmmmmmmm

Carla, I know how much you wanted that jump ring you have to show us how it's done.

dawn said...

Sounds like an awesome day. I like food gifts; cookbooks, garden books, preserving books, food baskets, chocolates, anything kitcheny.

oreneta said...

I got a couple of cook books's a series of Arab recipies in Catalan...challenges challenges challenges, should be fun.