Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jack of all trades...

The furnace guy - OMG. OK, can I just say that when he arrived (45 minutes early so the man had to leave work early so that we wouldn't have to leave both sick girls in the house with the heater guy on their own when I had to leave for work 20 minutes after he got there.)

What was I saying??

Oh, yeah...the heater guy arrived while I was on the phone with the telephone guy - in Spanish. Can I just add here, that I really cannot understand Spanish much at all.

So...heater guy (hg) buzzes, I let him on the property, put the dog in with youngest, open the door, greet him, and go back to the phone call with the phone guy (pg) (in Spanish) . The handset itself is the problem, so we can talk on the speakerphone, just not the phone. The Spanish phone guy is yapping away at me, and I haven't a freaking CLUE... heater guy is standing in the doorway looking at me, and I give him one of those what-the-heck-is-he-talking-about smile-shrugs and a laugh...so heaterguy starts to listen for real, because I am just saying 'si' to most everything. So phone guy talks, pauses, I look over to heater guy who gives me a nod, or shakes his head...and I - the conversational puppet - simply echo heater guy, now translator/phone problem solver guy.

This goes on, and after I'm off, he tells me what the heck I had being saying in the conversation.

Too weird.

He then goes and TURNS ON THE D*MN HEATER JUST LIKE WE HAD BEING TRYING ALL WEEKEND. You know when you take your car that has being doing weird stuff to the mechanic and it doesn't do it with the mechanic and you are left looking like a complete nut????

Yeah. Like that.

Anyway, I expressed considerable doubt that it was actually fixed. Explained how it had gone off...hombreheaterguy speaks CATALAN so I am home free....I asked if the wires were tight enough, yadda yadda yadda....anyway, we have heat and hot water - for now.

He also gave us the number of the factory technician. If it happens again, call them, don't call him. He has no idea what the problem could be.

Have to say...you know what he charged me? To fix (sort of) the machine, drive over etc etc etc including free translation service....????? NADA (please note I am using Spanish here) RES..NOTHING!!!

MY kind of repair guy.

I'm not leaving him home alone with the girls though. Nuff's enough.


elpadawan said...

I have colleagues with the same issues. They say their program doesn't work, but as soon as I look, it starts working again. Must be the 'scare' factor.

kate said...

Wow, that's pretty cool! Nice guy.

kate said...

Hey, I just realized that you said two sick girls-- poor things. Both at the same time, eh? Hope they feel better soon!

Trish said...

Oh well . . . glad it all worked out in the end.


Speedy recovery for the girls - being sick is no fun :(

Nicole said...

It's great to run into people from time that don't try to rip you off.
Hope the girls will feel better soon!

oreneta said...

LP, here is the question though...do you think that they are incompetent idiots who should RTFM or do you honestly believe there is a problem. You see I always leave feeling like they think I am a totally incompetent dimwit, or that I am lying......

Kate, they are both better (THANK GOODNESS) and the heat is on (for now) along with the hot water. He was a great guy.

Thanks Trish, so far so good, as long as I don't catch it next.

Nicole, one of the things we have found out in our life and travels is that most of the people are actually nice. There are of course complete *-holes...as well, but most people are kind and good to be around.

Carla said...

The life you live, C!! You do a fantastic job of making me feel like I was there.

Of course, my man flies off to Bangalore and Penang, and the kitchen faucet falls apart, with the metal hose part lying under the sink now spilling out water.

It's a 2 person job, so I have to call Woody the Redneck contractor to bail me out. Only one problem... my dishes are piling up and Woody is a no show.

Luckily for me, that kimono quilt I just did is owned by a man, so while I'm giving him a bill for the quilting, I ask him sweetly if he could help me out with my kitch sink?? LOL

Life is good again! And I am so glad that India and Pakistan didn't decide to bomb each other while my man was visiting.

oreneta said...

What's he doing in India and Pakistan? Men are great, aren't they, they are so useful sometimes. I remember turning the faucet in my parent's kitchen once and it came off in my hand. Water was SHOOTING to the ceiling. Took me a stunned second to turn off the tap. Not too much damage done.