Saturday, December 13, 2008

Woe is me.

I look at some of the kids I teach, and I swear, there are a few that have flypaper in their heads. These kids hear a word ONCE and they so totally own it. They intuit grammar, and just cruise along.

I swear to you, my brain is coated in teflon.

I was comforted to hear that the current head of Catalonia, who is Spanish, struggles mightily with the pronouns as well. Indeed they do imitations of him messing it up, and the guy can't be that stupid.

I realise I have said something wrong about two words later; then I figure out how to say it right in about the middle of the next sentence. Like coming up with a great come-back line after you've left the room.

It also means I am trying to think of four things at once when I am speaking.

1. What I said wrong before,
2. How to say it right,
3. How to say what I am trying to say now,
4. What the heck it is I want to say.

Sound familiar anyone?

I either have to talk a loooooooottttttttt slooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwers
and study a lot more.

On a brighter note, my folks are arriving next Friday, and friends on Saturday!



elpadawan said...

Key to solving the issue is to get to the point where you will think in Catalan, not in english anymore. (I know, sounds so easy when other people say it :p)

oreneta said...

I can think in Catalan, and I make an effort to do it, I just think in REALLY CRAPPY Catalan.